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"Welcome to Bridger Web Apps Consulting, the vanguard of digital transformation. As proud Microsoft partners, we excel in revitalizing legacy web forms applications and pioneering the future with our Blazor Server Web Development Services.

Imagine your web presence, reborn with the speed, responsiveness, and cutting-edge technology of Blazor Server, ready to exceed the demands of tomorrow's online landscape. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

Our mission is to propel your digital presence into the future, ensuring it meets and exceeds the demands of the contemporary online landscape.


From Grandma’s Web Forms to Blazor’s Secret Sauce.


Driven By Experience

Our journey is led by our founding partner, a visionary entrepreneur who successfully ran a SaaS business until 2023. Our story is unique because this thriving enterprise was initially built on Web Forms components. Through strategic ingenuity and a commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, our founder maintained the business's modernity by seamlessly integrating Dev Express components and pioneering the use of Blazor Server applications.

Current Technology:
We understand the importance of legacy ASP.NET Web Forms applications that continue to power countless businesses worldwide.
Our mission is to ensure that your web form applications will remain robust, reliable, and adaptable for years.

We embrace the challenge of working with established systems, harnessing our expertise to enhance their functionality, performance, and code reusability. Our approach is grounded in adapting and optimizing your application's usage, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your evolving business needs.

Elevate your web apps with modernization expertise.



We have two proven technical routes we can take to improve your Web Apps.

  1. Devexpress Web Form Components(simplest most cost effective):
    Leveraging the power of DevExpress Web Forms components, we bring a wealth of experience, enabling us to transform your legacy application into a cutting-edge, efficient, and future-ready platform.

    With over 110 UI controls for ASP.NET Web Forms DevExpress will deliver high-performance line-of-business applications that meet and exceed the needs of your enterprise. Check out the DevExpress component suite here:

  2. Blazor Server (more complex but gets you off of older technologies):
    We will move the most strategic parts of your application into Microsoft Blazor! Since Blazor is a component-based technology similar to webforms, we can often swap out components while reusing your existing c# business logic layer. Blazor provides improved performance and responsive design, all while keeping your existing business logic intact.

Elevate your web apps with modernization expertise.
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brown field near mountains under white clouds during daytime

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