Webforms: Data Filtering with DevExpress

This blog post explores how DevExpress simplifies data filtering in .NET Webforms applications. Including advanced filtering options and performance optimizations.


Steven Lieberman

12/17/20232 min read

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silhouette photo of hanging decor behind chain link fence at golden hour

.NET Webforms: Simplifying Data Filtering with DevExpress

When developing web applications, data filtering is a crucial aspect that developers need to consider. Filtering data allows users to search for specific information, making it easier to navigate through large datasets. In this blog post, we will explore how DevExpress, a popular .NET Webforms component suite, simplifies the process of data filtering, enhancing the user experience and improving overall productivity.

1. Introduction to DevExpress

DevExpress is a comprehensive set of UI controls and tools specifically designed for .NET developers. With a wide range of components, DevExpress simplifies development and allows developers to create visually appealing and feature-rich web applications. One of the critical features of DevExpress is its powerful data filtering capabilities, which can significantly enhance the functionality of web forms applications.

2. Filtering Data with DevExpress Gridview

The DevExpress Gridview control is a powerful tool for displaying and manipulating tabular data in .NET Webforms applications. It provides a wide range of filtering options, allowing users to search and sort data based on specific criteria.

With DevExpress Gridview, developers can enable filtering by simply setting a few properties. The control supports various filter types, including text, date, and numeric filters. Users can also apply multiple filters simultaneously, making search results more accessible.

3. Advanced Filtering Options

DevExpress goes beyond basic filtering capabilities by providing advanced filtering options. Developers can customize the filter criteria and create complex expressions using DevExpress's built-in filter builder. This allows users to perform more precise searches and filter data based on specific conditions.

In addition to the filter builder, DevExpress also offers filter row functionality, which displays a row at the top of the grid where users can enter filter values directly. This feature provides a convenient and intuitive way for users to filter data without additional UI elements.

4. Filtering Data with DevExpress PivotGrid

DevExpress PivotGrid is another powerful component simplifying data filtering in .NET Webforms applications. PivotGrid allows users to analyze and summarize large datasets by providing a flexible and interactive interface.

With DevExpress PivotGrid, users can easily filter data by dragging and dropping fields into the filter area. This allows for dynamic filtering, where users can quickly change the filter criteria and see the updated results in real time. The ability to filter data on the fly greatly enhances the usability of web applications.

5. Performance Optimization

DevExpress understands the importance of performance in web applications. To ensure optimal performance, DevExpress provides various optimization techniques for data filtering. The controls are designed to handle large datasets efficiently, minimizing the impact on application performance.

DevExpress also offers server-side filtering, which offloads the filtering process to the server, reducing the amount of data transferred over the network. This approach improves the application's overall responsiveness, especially when dealing with large datasets.


Filtering data is a critical aspect of web application development. DevExpress simplifies the data filtering process in .NET Webforms applications, providing developers with powerful and intuitive tools to enhance the user experience. Whether filtering data in a grid view or analyzing data with a pivot grid, DevExpress offers comprehensive features and optimizations that streamline the development process and improve application performance.