Meet our Founder & Team Members

Steven Lieberman

Founder / Full Stack Developer / Small Business Entrepreneur

I am a seasoned computer programmer, computer instructor, accountant, and small business entrepreneur.

My career started by working in two different boutique venture capital firms. Working at these two firms allowed me to wear many hats: accountant, programmer, manager, marketer, and strategist.

I have helped a few investment groups turn around operating businesses, as well as am currently mentoring a couple of small businesses to profitability.

As the principal of SDA Technologies Inc. I created a successful software consulting firm that is now transforming into a software product firm Skills DB Pro, which I sold in 2023. And now have started Bridger Web Apps to help those companies in the throws of legacy webform apps blues.

Actual experience has taught me that my professional value boils down to the following:

  • I have been programming on computers since the 8086 came out.

  • I have been accounting since the first version of DOS accounting systems came out.

  • Having an intimate knowledge of computers and accounting is invaluable to me.

  • I am a strong developer in C#, .Net, SQL Server and DevExpress.

  • I tell it "like it is", with the knowledge that I may not be smart enough to actually know "what it is".

  • Execution is what matters.

  • I have executed into both success and failure. That is just what happens when you try.

  • I smile a lot.

  • I don't stress(well most of the time).

  • Having a Winnie the Pooh climbing chalk bag is quite cool.